Sec 1 Science Tuition

Congratulations for clearing an important milestone PSLE! For both parent and child, it is such a relief! By January, most P6 would have had 2 months of break before they move on to Secondary 1. At Secondary 1, students have to get rid of their sluggishness and start adapting to the new school environment, longer hours and to manage 9 subjects. Hence, many students will feel overwhelmed! Our role is to ensure that our Secondary 1 students are well assimilated and manage science with ease. Our science tuition in Secondary school are taught by three different specialists- biologist, chemist and physicist. We believe in giving our students the best teacher- right from the beginning. Akin to visiting a GP or a specialist, we believe that a science specialist is one who can teach passionately and is the best person to impart skills and knowledge to our students. Most schools would have moved away from modular science and align to the big idea of thematic science. We do that too, uniquely we follow the school science syllabus but we bring in our experts who craft the detailed science lesson plan and enact the lesson. As such, parents and students are assured that we have a full team of experts to support each student.

We understand that many students who progress from Primary to Secondary school can feel quite put-off, even daunted, by the step-up in challenge. If this sounds like a problem that you face today, then it pays to invest in Sec 1 science tuition and Sec 2 science tuition.

Why do I need Sec 1 science tuition?

The first years of Secondary school will often have you delve much more specifically into each science. From Biology and Chemistry to Physics, you have much to learn about as soon as you step into each class. However, the size of regular classes in Singapore can make learning less effective mainly due to lack of careful individual attention and lack of assessments and immediate feedback If some concepts are beyond your immediate grasp, you could end up lost. Before long, that could become hard to retrack.

That is why our Sec 1 science tuition experts are your best support. We help to close your learning gaps. All that you need to do is let us know what you are struggling with, and we will formulate a learning plan to support you.

Why do I need Sec 2 science tuition?

It is the streaming year. You need to perform your best in order to get into the class you desire to be in.

As you progress through the years in Secondary school, the level of learning about science changes drastically. Before long, you will move to a level whereby you are learning about something far more specific and advanced; you might even be branching into a particular tree of your chosen science. That is why our Sec 2 science tuition is vital.

With so many other topics to learn at Sec 2, finding the time to devote to learning science can be tough work. If you would like to get around that issue, then we highly recommend that you take the time to journey with us where we offer laser-focused science tuition that captures the issues at hand and lets you easily solve them in a short space of time.

All that you need to do is let us know where you are struggling with most. At that point, we’ll make sure that you make some changes especially in the way you are learning. Instead of falling behind in your studies, let us help you get ahead and start seeing progress.Vont.

Do I need help with science education in Secondary school?

Given the importance of science to many courses in junior college and university applications, it’s vital that you do as well as you can. Give us a call today to discuss how we can support you in your learning of Science!