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Physics Guru – Mr Jimmy Chiang

Mr Jimmy Chiang has been teaching O Level Physics for 18 years. Jimmy believes that learning successes follow if there is good guidance from the teacher, full effort from learners, and a strong commitment to follow through.

Mastering physics concepts begin with the students analysing problems poised in context of Physics. In fact, problem solving is essential to learning any new ideas.

The learner may struggle to understand the problem. The misconceptions may then be revealed as the learner articulate his thought processes.

However, some learners are so afraid of making mistakes and they stop trying. For them, the feeling of inadequacy maybe insurmountable. They may give up trying because many of their struggles and questions were left unanswered.

This is why we exist. This is why good and timely guidance is particularly important for learners to feel safe to make mistakes and sustain learning interest.

Through years of coaching students, Teacher Jimmy is quick to pick up a myriad of misconceptions that learners may have while learning physics.

As such, he is quick to identify the areas for growth and encourages every learner to ask questions. The learner who often asks the most questions will learn and benefit most.

However that comes with self confidence – to pose questions.

It is our responsibility to work hand in hand with parents to motivate our learners.Motivated learners will clarify until they arrive at the right ideas, commit the ideas learn to memory and apply them to real life applications as much as possible.

In Science MasterClass, we offer a wide range of assessment for revision, ranging across different difficulty levels.

With focus and clear guidance, we believe every learner can  overcome each of their challenges, expand thinking capabilities and score well in national examinations.

Having coach many students and share their successes, here’s a short sharing  to encourage some of us out there who might be struggling.

One of our students, Ally, scored an A1 in Science (Physics) at O levels. Prior to attending, she was barely passing.

In a span of 7 months, Ally showed us how close guidance, focus and commitment led her from a F to A.

Together, all of us can walk the path of success.

Mr Jimmy Chiang
Masters in EducationNIE (Curriculum and Teaching)
PGDE (Secondary) [Post Graduate Diploma in Education]