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Physics Guru – Mr Jimmy Chiang

Mr Jimmy Chiang has been teaching O Level Physics tuition for 17 years. He holds a Master in Education and Pdge (Sec) Diploma in physics. Many would have heard raving reviews about Mr Jimmy Chiang, whose gentle and calm disposition allow students to feel at ease to ask any questions they have in mind. Mr Chiang rich notes and assessment definitely stretch students and make them inch out from their comfort zone. Many students, including Ally Teo, who scored a F9 to an A1, were very thankful for Mr Chiang’s unwavering support, time and effort. Come, join us for a trial lesson to see how much we can support your learning!

Why is learning physics is fundamentally preparing you for life?

A strong background in physics will prepare students to take on careers in science and engineering-related sectors as well as opens up in-roads to many opportunities even in fields not traditionally associated with sciences.

Beyond career considerations, learning of physics also contribute to the development of one becoming scientifically literate. Students become equipped to make informed decisions based on sound scientific knowledge and principles about current and emerging issues.

In recent years, assessment of GCE O Level Physics (6091) and Sc Physics (5078) appear to evolved towards incorporating many real-life applications and students have to be critical thinkers in order to excel. For those who want to pursue H2 Physics, critical thinking skill is definitely necessary.

In Science Masterclass O Level Physics tuition classes, we strive for students to ACE in Physics by having a deeper grasp of scientific knowledge through a myriad of questions exposed and be well versed in answering open-ended questions by having timely assessment and feedback.