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SMC Chemistry Guru

Mr Alex Teoh – SMC Chemistry Guru

Mr Alex Teoh was a trained MOE secondary school teacher for 27 years. His caring and approachable demeanour made learning Chemistry less intimidating and definitely enjoyable.

Alex has a knack for making difficult chemistry concepts appear easy. He is able to give crystal clear explanations to chemistry ideas that are difficult to many. Alex often link chemistry concepts to daily applications where students can quickly draw parallel with. Mr Alex Teoh’s notes are easy to understand and aligned to the requirement of the course. He set regular assessments for his students, to ensure that they are coping with the rigour of the assessments.

Alex’s pedagogical approaches center on consolidation, problem solving acquisitions and making connections from data. Alex was awarded the Outstanding Reseach Mentor by the GEP branch for supervising students in their SMP and SSEF experimental research investigations. He supervised Grade 12 students in their Chemistry Internal Assessments and Extended Essay Examination module in IB International China.

While most tuition centres either have fantastic notes or O Level chemistry tuition teachers who teach really well, we have both! Many times, established schools have curriculum planners who plan the course of lesson for tutors – either graduates or full time tutors to teach.

We do not have such practice in SMC as we believe that your child deserve to learn from the best! So come! Learn from the O Level chemistry tuition guru who plan the curriculum and teach your child exactly the way he wants the ideas to weave. Alex has taught in numerous schools including IB and IP autonomous schools, both locally and internationally, we are definitely honoured to have him in our team.

Ms Ng – SMC Chemistry Guru

Ms Ng – SMC Chemistry Guru

Ms Ng appears warm, young and vibrant. Don’t be disguise by her young appearance. Miss Ng has a wealth of experience teaching chemistry – both IP and O level Chemistry for more than 10 years.

The greatest strength Ms Ng has, is her ability to approach Chemistry topics in a systematic manner so that it is easily understood by the learners.

Being a young mother, she feels that the greatest barrier to learning is stress. When we were young, we learned from our parents in a relaxed environment. An environment free from anxiety, stress and fear of failure. Given simple words and phrases, we learned by doing. Mistakes were never considered as failures. They were part of learning and every new piece of information opened up a new world of possibilities. Believe it or not, our brains still work best this way.

Learning chemistry in a safe environment in SMC allow our students to excel. In SMC, testimonials return often hold essentials of true learning. We retrace our own steps to learning chemistry and we add elements of fun to walk through the very same step we took to excel in chemistry – Contextualise Chemistry. We make learning applicable to our daily lives and help students make connection.

When a student starts learning chemistry, it is normal to look everywhere for guidance. Textbooks and memorizing details without understanding are likely useless and much precious time are wasted. The principle we employ support many students to achieve remarkable success:

Contextualize Chemistry through

The Periodic Table of Elements

Why Choose SMC for your child‘s O Level Chemistry Tuition?

It is SMC desire to provide well-designed lessons and help students acquire excellent understanding and knowledge to be suitably prepared for studies beyond O level in chemistry, applied sciences or science-related courses.

In order to excel in Chemistry paper, each component will be given careful attention, and we work towards excellence in performance in assessments by offering qualitative feedback and the wide exposure to assessments.

6092 Chemistry GCE O Level Paper

6092 Chemistry GCE O Level Paper

6092 Chemistry GCE O Level Paper