‘O’ Level Biology Practical Tips

Question 1

Candidates must be able to perform an experiment independently by following a series of steps (can be 20 steps!) just like following a recipe book for cooking within 45 minutes!

Candidates must also be able to use the apparatus/instruments to accurately record data (e.g. the use of stopwatch, or thermometer) especially volume, temperature, length and time.

Candidates must also record the results in a table with appropriate headings and units. The results have to be processed and represented as a graph, usually. The identification and comment on key source of errors is common. Drawing appropriate conclusions which coincides with the obtained result.

Candidates must also be able to analyse a practical problem and produce appropriate procedure for the investigation. Included in the planning question should be:

  • Approach (A summary of the investigation especially to mention how the dependent variable is measured)
  • 3 Fixed dependent variable, 3 Independent variable, 1 dependent variable
  • Procedure (a series of steps)
  • Conclusion
  • How to increase reliability

Question 2 and 3

The candidate should be able to make clear line drawing of the specimens provided, indicate magnification and label familiar structures.

The candidate should be good at explanation of biological conceptual ideas and use the results obtained to explain the concepts.


   Biology Practical

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