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Stressed over results? Fret not. We offer intensive science revision classes for P3 to P6 classes and Sec 3 & 4 Biology, Chemistry and Physics intensive revision classes at our Ang Mo Kio hub tuition.
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Best Science Tuition Centre

The best science teacher will always begin with what he wants to assess. He will take into consideration the stage of learning the student is at now, and construct assessment tasks that will take the students forward. This is what we do at Science Masterclass for Primary Science Tuition in Ang Mo Kio. In the planning of our lesson, we consider about what our students know, can do or have accomplished. It is our desire at our tuition in Ang Mo Kio to ensure every student excel in Science. Hence, it pays to invest in the help of the best science tuition centre that you can find. With the help of our team here at Science Masterclass, our Good Science Tuition Centre can eliminate stress, confusion and complexity out of learning science.

Learning of science is not merely for achievement at assessment. Science is so vital to what we do in our everyday lives, so mastering it is essential for making good decisions.


Why Do I Need Science Tuition? Why can’t I Learn on My Own?

If you are a self-directed learner, self-disciplined, self-monitored, self- corrective thinker and has the ability to raise vital questions in class, ability to gather, assess, reason and interpret relevant information, then you can probably learn on your own without the help of Science tuition for Primary 5.

However, majority of us have not learn how to be a critical thinker. It is almost impossible for a 9 -12 years old to be a critical thinker unless someone has coached him in the skills to do so and to build the habits of mind. At Science Masterclass, we coached our students to be critical thinker through a series of conversations and goals setting. We believe that intrinsic motivation, the want to be a critical thinker, is the key to success for all students.

Besides building the critical thinker, we help students’ gain conceptual understanding through a series of well-planned practical sessions. Most students have preconceived notion of science ideas, majority are wrong ideas. Without having practical sessions, students tend to fall back on their preconceived notion, this is the reason why students still get questions wrong despite the class teacher repeating the right ideas many times. Their preconceived notion still stays! That is why we always recommend that you consider hiring a good science tuition team to help you out. With so much to learn in such a small space of time, can you afford to waste time?

Many students have issues with learning sciences, and it usually stems from how they learn at the beginning. The cognitive processes involves remembering, understanding, applying, evaluating and creating new knowledge. In Science Masterclass, we focus on the knowledge dimension, metacognition, to help students gain cognitive processes:

  • State the importance of marking and recording observations accurately
  • Compare a new problem with one that has been solved previously, to see if the same approach can be used
  • Identify possible strategies to solve a problem
  • Identify relevant and irrelevant information in problem solving
  • Evaluate if the data from an experiment make sense
  • Create a mind-map to summarize what has been learnt


What Makes Science Master Class the Best Science Tuition Centre for Me?

The challenge with learning topics as varied and as intellectually challenging as science comes from grasping the basics. If you are unable to grasp said basics at the same time as the rest of your class, then you could have some problems in making up the level of success that you had intended. If you would like to get around that issue, then we recommend that you use our facility. Why?

  • We take tuition classes seriously: It is not a mere 2 hours lesson where we rephrase what was taught in school. In every of our lesson, we follow this learning cycle:

Best Science Tuition Centre

  • The right focus: Our Ang Mo Kio Hub Tuition teacher focuses on concepts more than content. Hence, our students are likely to have less difficulty in applying the knowledge learnt to higher – order thinking questions.
  • Good explanation: Our teacher explain terms precisely. For e.g the term accuracy vs reliability.
  • In order for the student to score well in a written assessment, the science language that our teachers use must be clear and unambiguous because we need to ensure our students’ answers meet certain quality requirements.
  • Give quality feedback: In science masterclass, our teachers would be able to pin-point the exact issue that the student faces and help the student develops clarity in understanding and make progress.
  • Teach learning strategies: Our teachers would teach the student how to effectively master different topics and tackle open-ended questions, which is an arduous task for most beginners.

Does this sound like what you need? Then our tutors are here to help you today. If you would like to pick up more information about science tuition, then all that you need to do is contact us today.

About Us

We are the first centre that offers regular hands-on practical sessions for all primary and secondary students. We firmly believe in building the next generation of scientists through learning science the right way – the inquiry approach.

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Testimony of Faith


Science Master Class

Natanya Ng

Teacher Josephine is one the most dedicated teachers I know. Relentlessly patient in the clarifying students’ doubts. I could ask her questions over and over again and she would always answer them precisely. I am never afraid to ask her any of my questions. She conveys biological concepts clearly. She is very strong in her teaching techniques and is still by far one of the best teachers I could ever have met. Concise, straightforward and simple are what her notes are, and are more than sufficient to give you an A in O level Biology.

Natanya Ng / Student
Charlotte Wang

Ms Josephine is a very passionate and supportive teacher and sparked my passion for Biology even when I was doing badly in school. She goes all the way to help me even if it meant more hours for her. Even after I graduated from her class, she continued to guide me. Truly a teacher to be guided under.

Charlotte Wang / Student
Choo Tze Jie

Ms Josephine is a very inspiring and dedicated teacher who spurs students to achieve the best they can and personally she had such a big impact on me. I was probably an individual who lacked drive even though many said I had potential. Under her mentorship, she helped me reach my goals. The hours I spent learning from her are definitely some of the best hours in my life. Learning biology with her was really enriching and she provided advice to help students improve and progress constantly.

Choo Tze Jie / Student